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Warmest greetings to you all!

Mountain Cherry Academy (MCA) is the place for learners of the 21st Century and we closely work with our students, teachers, and parents. Our community emphasizes leading a respectful and responsible life and finding joy in mingling with nature on and around the campus.


MCA offers a solid curriculum based on the US Common Core to develop students’ full potential, and extensive extracurricular activities ranging from fencing and ice hockey to a wide variety of student clubs.


In our family-like atmosphere, MCA teachers fully understand our academic principles - the RED: Responsibility in Teaching, Equity in Learning, and Diversity in Curriculum. Under our caring teachers, MCA students are given fair and full opportunities to acquire knowledge and develop their talents.


MCA community will be the

  • Center for New Leadership

  • Center for 21st Century Scholars

  • Center for Enthusiastic Learners

  • Center for Grateful People


Since its establishment in 2020, MCA has recorded phenomenal growth and proved that the school meets international standards in every aspect – with accreditation from multiple accrediting organizations such as Cognia, MSA-CESS, Accreditation International, and NCPSA.


At MCA, I am pleased to share my experience and expertise accumulated from my long service of much more than 20 years in the field of international education. As it has always been my joy to mix with young students, I am excited to meet and work with new students and parents.


Thank you very much.


Kyungah Ryu (Ms.)

Academic Director

Mountain Cherry Academy


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