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Civic Engagement Program

MCA encourages students to participate in various volunteer programs working with the local community. MCA actively creates opportunities for students to offer regular volunteer services for those who are in need of help in the neighboring communities.
Each year, MCA donates food and other items prepared, collected, and packed by our students to the regional community center - to be distributed to aged citizens living without family support.  Teams of students also regulary visit nursing homes to offer their voluntary services.


MCA students are encouraged to take part in leadership programs,
including the School Leadership Camp held twice a year.

MCA students are encouraged to take part in leadership programs,
including the School Leadership Camp held twice a year.

MCA students are encouraged to take part in leadership programs,
including the School Leadership Camp held twice a year.

Leadership Programs

MCA students are encouraged to take part in leadership programs, including the MCA Leadership Camp held twice a year. At the camp, many students find their leadership potential and learn useful skills. Selected students will also be given opportunities to take part in good leadership programs organized by overseas education institutes, such as the program run by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Character Development Programs 

Advisory Hours

MCA students participate in our unique 30-minute advisory times regularly.

During the session, students in small groups have opportunities to actively communicate with the advisor to talk about any issues they may have in their school lives. Advisor teachers apply a specific theme (e.g., friendship or ethics) while running the session.

 Extended Student Counseling

Student counseling hours have been expanded in 2023-2024 and four counseling teachers are available for student counseling on various issues at the scheduled hours.


The nature-friendly environment at MCA campus enables students not only to appreciate nature, but also to be involved in keeping flowers and trees beautiful through gardening experiences. MCA specially invites an expatriate farming professional for the program.

 Animal Welfare

Students are engaged in caring for stray cats and dogs by rescuing and feeding them, as well as arranging the adoption of these animals. It helps students to nurture compassionate minds and relieve stresses. 

Music Program with
          Korea Youth Orchestra (Lindenbaum)

In collaboration with Korea Youth Orchestra (formerly known as Lindenbaum), MCA offers a special music program. MCA students learn basics of music theories and playing skills of diverse instruments. They choose their own instruments to become members of the MCA Orchestra, and perform in annual school concerts. 

■  With the MCA Music Program, students can:

- be members of MCA Orchestra

- learn basic music theories

- reinforce the basics of instrument playing skills

- acquire the ability to work with others in a group

- demonstrate playing skills in recitals or concerts


Athletic Programs for All Students

MCA believes that a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind. As a way of promoting our students' physical and mental strength and agility, MCA runs athletic programs for all students to participate in.


All MCA students take part in athletic programs such as ice hockey, fencing, soccer, basketball, tennis, or golf on Fridays. Qualified and experienced coaches from renowned organizations, including those from Namhyunhee Fencing Academy, teach our students these dynamic and elegant sports. 


Student Clubs

MCA students are actively taking part in a wide variety of student clubs. New clubs are frequently added for student registration.

Clubs available for students include, but are not limited to: 

- Basketball

- Soccer

- Field Hockey

- Table Tennis

- Badminton

- Handball- Dance

- Drama

- Singing

- Podcast

- Puzzles & Games

- Math

- Disney

- Go (Baduk)

- Chess


- Coding

- Sewing & Advanced Sewing

- Drawing 

- Clay Pottery

- Sudoku & Rubik's Cube

- News

- Debate

* Club list is subject to change 

In 2021 and 2022, our Go club members participated in an international tournament organized by AGHS (American Go Honor Society) and won awards.

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