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                        Aran Kindergarten starts at the current MCA location



           Jul      - Renamed to Mountain Cherry Academy (MCA)

                          with K-12 international curriculum

                     - Ms. Kyungah Ryu takes office as the first MCA principal

                     - Holds the 1st annual MCA Summer Camp

          Aug    - Joins a member of KORCOS and KISAA

                     - Starts the first year –

                       School Year 2020-2021 with grades from kindergarten to 8

                     - Introduces ice hockey as an all-student athletic program

          Oct    - Introduces Civic Engagement Programs

                      (Donations of Songpyeon in Sep/Oct, Persimmons in Oct, &

                      Kimchi in Dec; plus occasional charity fund-raising fairs)

          Dec    - Holds the 1st annual MCA Winter Festival


          Feb     - Introduces Project-Based Learning (PBL) Events taking place around the year

                        (Literary Fair, Science Fair, Math Fair, Music Concert, and World Heritage Day)

          Mar    - Introduces fencing as an all-student athletic program

          Jun     - The first MCA Middle School Graduation

                     - Officially accredited by AI (Accreditation International)

          Aug    - Opens a high school grade (Grade 9)

                     - Officially accredited by Cognia (AdvancED)

          Sep    - Adapts WIDA approach for students’ language skill development

          Oct    - Officially accredited by MSA-CESS


          Jan    - Introduces Renaissance's STAR Reading & Accelerated Reader program

                     - Starts MCA Mentoring Program with invited guest speakers

          Apr     - MCA Music Concert first held at an external concert hall

                        (Cheonin Hall, Yongin)

          May    - Presentation session for parents of the MCA Campus Development Plan 

          Jun     - 1st MCA Art Book Publication

          Aug    - School Year 2022-2023 starts (with 200 students and 34 teachers)

                     - Introduces soccer and basketball as all-student athletic programs


          Feb    - holds a charity campaign to help earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria

          Mar    - Level 1 school code approved by College Board (682991)

          May   - Holds the 1st Cherry Match, an inter-school soccer tournament

                     - Holds the 1st MCA Walk-A-Thon at Suwon Hwaseong

          Jun     - Donats 4 Million Won raised from various events to UNICEF Korea

          July    - Holds the first US College Tour for high school students and parents

                     - Issues the 1st MCA Fact Sheet

          Aug    - Level 2 school code approved by College Board (682991)

                     - School Year 2023-2024 starts (with 233 students and 41 teachers)

                     - Expands student counseling sessions with 4 counseling teachers

                        for 17.5 hours/week

                     - Employees a full-time college counselor

                     - Spanish added as a foreign language for all students

                     - Introduces tennis and golf as all-student athletic programs

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